Brinsea Mini Advance Hatching Egg Incubator Review

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If you are looking for a great incubator for use at home then you should definitely read our review of the Brinsea Mini Advance hatching Egg Incubator.

Executive Summary

This is a great choice when it comes to incubators for a great number of reasons. This is a great 7 egg incubator with a digital display and microcontroller to make adjusting the temperature much easier and it even has temperature alarms to keep the eggs at the right temperature. It is a great and compact little incubator that is perfect for anybody looking to incubate some eggs at home. Keep reading and find out just why this is the perfect incubator for any beginner.

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See-Through – Most incubators have an opaque base which means that you can’t actually see the eggs as they turn around and mature in age. This is very important because keeping a visual on the eggs in case that something goes wrong is very important. It is a much better option than the conventional opaque incubator.

Automatic Turning – One of the really great features when it comes to this incubator is the automatic turning feature that saves you a lot of time and effort. Eggs need to be turned several times per day during incubation in order to stay alive. Without turning the eggs will die. This incubator does that automatically. Also in terms of turning, this model has an automatic stop feature that stop the eggs from turning 2 days before hatching just like they are supposed to.

Anti-Bacterial – Another really great feature about the Brinsea Mini Advance Egg Incubator is that it is made out of anti-microbial and anti-bacterial material in order to avoid germs and the eggs from getting sick with disease. Young embryos are very susceptible to germs so this incubator makes for a really good choice.

Digital Settings – This incubator has a digital screen with a microcontroller for easy adjustability. You can easily set the temperature and humidity by using the easy to read display. Speaking of temperature, this incubator also has alarms built in to ensure that the incubator does not get too hot or too cold as that is dangerous for the eggs.

Fan Assisted – Something that is really great about this incubator is that it has a fan assisted air flow. Eggs need to be kept at a constant temperature and that means having to have constant ventilation. This incubator is well ventilated and the fan takes care of airflow without a hitch.




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Conclusion – If you are a big enthusiast when it comes to hatching your own chicken or goose eggs then you should definitely consider getting the Brinsea Mini Advance Hatching Egg Incubator.

This is a great model because it has some really neat features like the micro-adjustment knobs and the digital display panel. It also features a fan assisted ventilation system as well as an automatic turning feature with an auto-stop mechanism too. It can fit 7 eggs and they can be either goose or chicken eggs for anyone’s needs.

If you need a good incubator then this is definitely a good choice.